Private Lessons, Workshops & More
Asheville Aerial Arts is happy to offer private lessons for beginners,
intermediate or advance students.  The cost is $55 per one hour lesson,
either with a solo student or up to 4 students sharing the cost.  We also
offer Skill Sharing for established aerialists traveling to the Asheville area
interested in exchanging knowledge for $10 per hour session.  If you are
interested in privates, skill sharing or workshops, please contact us
Have your guests talking about your event for
years to come.  Hire unique entertainment by a
professional troupe.  Asheville Aerial Arts can
provide the most versatile options to make your
dream event a reality.

Contact to chat
with us about your event.  If you are a talker, not a
typer, call us at 828-301-5615.

Take a look around the site for photos, ideas,
videos, costuming, lighting and staff information.
Don't miss BECOMING, Labor Day weekend only
Sept 2, 3 and 4 at the Asheville Community Theatre
Tickets on sale at the box office, 828-254-1320  and
online at
Asheville Community Theatre
Becoming, Sept 2-4th, 2016
Asheville Community Theatre
$25 Adult, $10 Child/Student